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01.20.24/noon:central (US)

Many RSN Subscribers
not receiving their
RSN Newsletters

Many readers report that they are not getting their RSN Newsletters, not in their inbox or their Spam/Junk folders. That means your Email service Provider is taking the decision out of your hands. We are here, we are publishing normally and we are working with you to lift this ban.

11.15.21/5:pm:pacific (US)

You Can Use a Personal Photo/Avatar for the New RSN Comments Section:

If you would like to use a personalized photo or other art as your avatar when commenting on RSN you can do it by establishing a profile on the WordPress Gravatar system. Here’s how:

Go to the WordPress Gravatar Signup Page and create a free account. Your Gravatar profile will allow you to upload a photo or other art. Our system automatically sees that profile and will use your avatar.

After you create your Gravatar profile and upload your avatar it can take up to 24 hours for the Gravatar system to update and make your avatar available to RSN. Be patient. If it doesn’t work within 24 hours try re-uploading your photo/avatar to your Gravatar profile.

11.12.21/noon:pacific (US)

A New Commenting System: We have a new commenting system. Responding to user feedback we took your constructive criticisms to heart and worked with our developers to make this new commenting system available. Keep the feedback coming, it really does help and matter.

11.12.21/11:am:pacific (US)

A Dark Mode Alternative: Be aware that for those who really prefer a more traditional black text on white background article presentation all you have to do is click the /print version/ link. With that you get the black on white version.

11.12.21/10:am:pacific (US)

A New Site Status Page: We have a status page (this page). Here you find updates on the RSN site itself. Note that there is a comments section for your feedback. Yes we are paying careful attention to what you are saying and hopefully being responsive.